Site Map

The Home page provides an introduction to Hastings + Cohn.

The Site Map provides a link to every major page on the site.

The Web Site Usage and Privacy Policy details the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of this web site.

The About Us page lists information about Hastings + Cohn and its’ employees.

The Properties page links to all six property types and provides a search box.

The Investment Properties page displays listings for townhouse apartments, suburban plazas, office buildings and more.

The Retail Properties page displays listings for many different styles of retail buildings.

The Office Properties page displays listings for traditional office buildings as well as unique, converted office properties.

The Industrial Properties page displays listings for showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and more.

The Vacant Land page displays property ready to be turned into business.

The Restaurants page is a showcase of restaurant and bar opportunities.

The News page provides the latest updates on Hastings + Cohn.

The Contact Us provides phone, fax, and address information with a map.

The E-mail Us page allows a user to directly send e-mail to Hastings + Cohn using an electronic contact form.

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